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FADING SHADOWS began as a publishing imprint in June 1982 with the publication of ECHOES, a pulp hobby magazine. In 1995, the imprint added genre magazines, publishing fiction titles for the next nine years, including CLASSIC PULP FICTION STORIES, ALIEN WORLDS, DETECTIVE MYSTERY STORIES, WEIRD STORIES, DOUBLE DANGER TALES, STARTLING SCIENCE STORIES, and EXCITING UFO STORIES, plus pulp reprint titles like BEHIND THE MASK and ACTION AND ADVENTURE STORIES, until the magazines went on hiatus in December 2004. We have since returned with Kindle and paperback releases. By clicking on the cover picture along the side of the Page, the Link will take you to each book, and ordering instructions. Reviewers, if you have a Blog and can post reviews on Amazon, and anywhere else, and wish to review any of the FADING SHADOWS books, I can supply pdf copies of most. If more information is needed, I can be reached at

Saturday, March 19, 2016


TILL DEATH DO US PART by Tom Johnson. Published by FADING SHADOWS. Joseph Calweiner’s ace field agent, Nibs Holloway has been dispatched to meet a ship arriving from Africa carrying a fabulous necklace rumored to have been Cleopatra’s gift from Mark Antony. If it is, the jewels will be a fortune worth a small nation. But when the ocean liner docks, the carrier is found dead and the necklace missing. And what is Doctor Death doing back in New York? A cryptic note left at the scene warns Nibs to stay away, or his life will be forfeit!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Señora Scorpion

SENORA SCORPION by Tom Johnson. Cover illustration by Francis Saint Martin, and cover design and colors by TV "Tom" Powers. As Spain wields its power in California, the peasants look for a hero to unchain them from Spanish tyranny. They would find that heroic figure in a black-clad outlaw they would call Escorpion  -  Senora Scorpion! Now available for $1.99 on Amazon Kindle. Also available in paperback from the author in PULP ECHOES for $15.00 post paid (US).

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Crimson Clown - Killer

“Crimson Clown – Killer” by Tom Johnson. When The Crimson Clown discovers the planned heist of a charity ball, he wasn’t expecting a mob rubout at the same time. Now he may be caught in a web of murder! This is another fascinating character created by Johnston McCulley that appeared in DETECTIVE FICTION Magazine between mid and late 1920s, then popped up again in POPULAR DETECTIVE in 1944. He deserved a new story. “Crimson Clown – Killer” is now available  on Amazon Kindle for $1.99

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Blind As A Bat

BLIND AS A BAT by Tom Johnson, published by FADING SHADOWS: The Eternal Dragon stands mute while the menace of white slavery cast a spell of horror over Chinatown. When the Purple Dragon strikes it brings Dawson Clade out of retirement. The Chinese mastermind is targeting young white girls for his evil pleasure, and The Bat must take wing once more. The Bat first appeared in 1934 & ’35, with four stories that researchers suspect were written by Johnston McCulley, under a house name. A fifth story, advertised as BLIND AS A BAT, never appeared. After Tom read the series, he felt he knew where McCulley was taking The Bat in the final story, and wrote the missing adventure. Now available on Amazon Kindle for $1.99.