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FADING SHADOWS began as a publishing imprint in June 1982 with the publication of ECHOES, a pulp hobby magazine. In 1995, the imprint added genre magazines, publishing fiction titles for the next nine years, including CLASSIC PULP FICTION STORIES, ALIEN WORLDS, DETECTIVE MYSTERY STORIES, WEIRD STORIES, DOUBLE DANGER TALES, STARTLING SCIENCE STORIES, and EXCITING UFO STORIES, plus pulp reprint titles like BEHIND THE MASK and ACTION AND ADVENTURE STORIES, until the magazines went on hiatus in December 2004. We have since returned with Kindle and paperback releases. By clicking on the cover picture along the side of the Page, the Link will take you to each book, and ordering instructions. Reviewers, if you have a Blog and can post reviews on Amazon, and anywhere else, and wish to review any of the FADING SHADOWS books, I can supply pdf copies of most. If more information is needed, I can be reached at

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Behind The Mask

BEHIND THE MASK Volume #1 By Tom Johnson. Published by FADING SHADOWS. Cover titles, design, and logo created by Tom TV Powers. A string of murders and kidnappings lead the Masked Detective on a manhunt that could result in his own death. Follow the intrepid crime fighter as he attempts to unravel these hideous crimes as he embarks on a deadly trail of mystery …
            Clues lead the The Black Bat to theorize that small time crime originates with a traveling circus. He turns his information over to the police department, through his alter ego, blind Tony Quinn. However, the case is not pursued  until a murder is reported at the circus. Now, the Black Bat, nemesis of the underworld, takes flight to find the killer and bring the criminal activity to a close. But at every turn the Black Bat and his team of crime fighters find that they are faced by a super mind working behind the scenes.
When a new inhuman terror strikes the Slums of Akelton City, leaving the acid mark of a Skull on victim’s foreheads, can the Purple Scar uncover the diabolical scheme of a madman, and protect the innocent citizens before death also finds the woman he loves?
Private detective Sam Doyle took the case because he needed the money, but he knew the dame’s husband would never cheat on such a classy doll. But what he turns up is more than he bargained for – Hoodlums, snakes, and a cute kitty!
The Legend disappeared in 1953, and now it’s a decade later, and Carlos Donatti wants to be a Big Shot. What Carlos doesn’t remember is Legends never die.
Available on Kindle format only, for $2.99.

BEHIND THE MASK Volume 2 by Tom Johnson. Published by FADING SHADOWS. Titles and cover design by Tom TV Powers. When the most valuable diamond in the world in stolen right under the watchful eyes of Burton Blayne, it’s a direct challenge to Funny Face, the Nemesis of the underworld. But despite all his efforts, the Star of Africa eludes him.
When a young man is found dead by cobra venom, Inspector Gregg calls in the underworld’s greatest enemy, the Phantom Detective. But before the crimefighter can unravel the mystery, Steve Huston is beaten by hoodlums, and Muriel Havens is captured by the gang. Will the Phantom reach the mastermind before another dies from cobra venom?
When the Man In Purple uncovers an evil plot of massive greed, his team of rogues plan to remove their ill-gotten gain from their vaults, but he soon discovers that these seven men of crime are as vicious as any mad dog, and a wrong move on his part could easily end his young career.
            A small time gang kills a patrol officer during a robbery, and Captain McGrath wants Tony Quinn’s help in discovering the killers. Meanwhile, the Phantom Detective also wants something from Tony Quinn, and the Black Bat might have a say in the matter.
            Now available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99.

BEHIND THE MASK Volume 3 by Tom Johnson, published by FADING SHADOWS. Cover Design & Titles by Tom TV Powers. When the mayor of New York City is murdered at a New Year’s Party, Theodore Warwick calls in the only man who can unravel the deep mystery. But The Crimson Mask may be at the mercy of a diabolical Devil who won’t hesitate to kill again!
Stuntmen Steve Oakes and his pal, Jack Quinn, return to New York after their latest film shoot in Hollywood. They encounter a young girl running from the Devil – literally! The case intrigues the stuntmen so much, it leads to complications, and The Angel has to step in to solve the case before murder catches up to them!
Police Commissioner Edward Standish enlists the aid of magician George Chance in his investigation of the strange case of a murdered soldier. The Green Ghost takes a hand in solving the mystery. But why was the soldier murdered, and where are his eyes? Could even a ghost solve the riddle of the blind soldier?
When the British Ambassador to America is assassinated, the Embassy Attaché asks the Americans for help in unraveling the mystery. Gentle Jones, Ace of America’s Secret Service is assigned, and quickly discovers a Nazi spy ring operating in Washington. But what could be the reason for the assassination, and who is the mysterious couple, Countess Catherine Mayberry and Claude Du Val, and what do they have to do with the case?
Available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99.

 Behind The Mask Volume 4 by Tom Johnson is now available. Published by FADING SHADOWS. Cover & Title Design by Tom TV Powers. The master crime fighter, Secret Agent X, is called back to duty when an overseas agent warns of an unknown deadly attack aimed at America! But even the unconquerable “X” is not prepared for the deadly menace that has been brought to our shores under cover of darkness. Will the Intrepid Fighter be in time to save his beloved, Betty Dale, when she falls into the den of …Horror’s monsters from hell!
The Lone Eagle must penetrate German skies to rescue two friends, and complete his latest mission, Horror’s monsters from hell. Perhaps the strangest case in his career, he is destined to meet an old enemy from World War 1, as well as face a new danger. A danger that means disaster to America and the Alies, should the German scientists succeed in their new experiments. Can even this master Ace of the skies win through, to bring victory to the Alies?
A mystifying murder mystery ensnares the famous criminologist and sharpshooter, Colonel Jeremiah Custer when his team encounter a young boy accused of mayhem. The lad cannot deny the charges for he can neither hear nor speak. The scientific brain of the greatest man-hunter is put to task as he attempts to unravel this new crime!
When murder strikes the Museum of Natural History, Doc Clarke dons the red velvet mask that sends fear into all the underworld, the Crimson Mask nemesis of all crimedom, but this time he is faced by another creature in a mask, Anubis, the Egyptian god of the Dead! Will he succeed, or become another walking corpse, doing the bidding of an evil master of the dark netherworld?
What did the miniature coffins signify? When men of great wealth and industry begin receiving these tiny replicas of crimson caskets, their days of life are numbered. Who is the fiend behind the murders? Young millionaire playboy, Jimmy Gilmore wants to know, and the dreaded Mr. Death goes in search for coffins of death! $2.99 from Amazon Kindle.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Haunted Range

HAUNTED RANGE by Tom Johnson. Published by FADING SHADOWS. Title and cover design by Tom TV Powers. When the moon is full, and the Ghost Riders haunt the prairie, a whisper is heard in the dark of night, and The Nightwind howls for justice. Are these ghostly riders from Hell, and what is their purpose on the open range? Can even the shadow of good stand against the darkness of evil on Haunted Range? Ride with The Nightwind and Imp, as they bring justice to the plains. Available on Kindle for $0.99.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Cobra

THE COBRA: “Curse of The Viper” by Tom Johnson: Published by FADING SHADOWS. Cover titles and design by Tom TV Powers. The Cobra is back. Raised in the mystic art of illusion in India, The Cobra’s power of mind control mystifies his enemies. On assignment to New York City, Dean Bradley of British Intelligence unwittingly causes a crime wave of terror when he brings a British master criminal to justice on America’s shores. Now it will be up to him to unravel the mystery in this new land before he can return to India. But will even the dreaded Cobra walk away from this new encounter with The Viper? And now that Dean Bradley has fallen in love with the girl who knows his secret identy, does India really matter? Available on Kindle for $0.99.